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Drawtube bellow is missing either perished off of ripped off.  This has caused the drawtube to rust and in turn has damaged the internals of the coupling, causing excessive play in drawtube.  Drawtubes should be covered and greased to allow free smooth movement. 

Damaged brake cables will gradually rust through and as it swells, the inner cable will get jammed, like in this case with the brakes on! This has caused the brakes to lock on and damaged the tyre, wheel and brake drum.

Having damaged, worn or out of date tyres on your trailer is just the same as having them on your car. You could be fined and receive points on your licence, not to mention the safety concerns of havin a blow out or puncture on a busy road.

Brake shoe linings have come off, leaving only the metal shoe making contact with the drum.  This will lead to damaging the drum and the heat generated has damaged the expander and the adjuster.

All completely stripped down to the base backplate ready to fit new expander, adjuster and shoes.  Auto reverse lever and spring have also been replaced 

All new genuine Alko parts fitted. Brake shoes roughed up and, moving parts greased and ready for drum to be refitted.