Towbar Fitting Services

Chester Towbar & Trailer Centre (CTTC) is now well established as one of the biggest towbar fitting centres in Cheshire, and one of the largest Trailer Centres in the North-West.

Since 1989 the company has continued to grow, providing value for money, high quality products and services and providing a wealth of experience, enabling the customer to choose what is right for them.


CTTC stock and fit a full range of quality towbars and towing electrics from the leading manufacturers to suit every vehicle and budget.
We stock a wide range type:

Fixed Flange РFixed Swan Neck РSwan Neck Detachable РFlange Detachable 

CTTC offer a full fitting service or supply on a DIY basis (mail order available).

Dedicated Electrical Kits.

Dedicated Electrical kits have become an essential part of any towbar installation.

Over the past decade vehicle electrics, on-board management and safety systems have moved forward in leaps and bounds. The old wiring looms on most vehicles now have changed completely, instead of just carrying electric they now have become a communication network delivering digital signals to neighbouring modules within the system.
With this in mind, any additions to this system MUST be compatible.

Dedicated electrical kits have been fully developed to work with all these systems.
Vehicles need to know when a trailer or caravan is connected so the onboard systems can adjust accordingly.
The vehicle warranty can be effected if a modification to the electrical system is made, therefore it is essential on some vehicles to fit a towbar with a Dedicated Electrical kit to maintain the full vehicle warranty.

Specialist Coding Centre.

CTTC are equipped with the latest coding and diagnostic systems allowing full re-coding of the vehicles electrical system. This harmonises the new dedicated kit with the vehicle, this is essential on certain vehicles.

NTTA Approved Centre and Fitters.