Nextbase 122

The Nextbase 122 kicks off the series 2 revolution. With 720p HD recording, Intelligent Parking Mode and free cloud storage.

The ideal Dash Cam for a first-time driver.

£58.33 (excl 20% VAT)

Nextbase 222

With 1080p HD recording and an improved six-layer glass lens, the 222 offers full HD for everyone. User experience is further enhanced with the adoption of a new Click&Go PRO Mount for a low-profile connection. Install the power cable directly into the mount to allow for wireless Dash Cam operation.

£75.83 (excl 20% VAT)

Nextbase 322GW

The award-winning 322GW includes revolutionary new safety features, helping you enjoy a safer journey than ever before. The 1080p HD model uses Emergency SOS to alert the emergency services to your location in the event of an accident. With a new IPS HD touch screen, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi built-in, the 322GW is an extremely well connected Dash Cam.

£105.00 (excl 20% VAT)

Nextbase 422GW

Make calls and message on the move using the world’s first 1440p Dash Cam with Alexa Voice Control built-in. Use Alexa to play music, find parking, control smart home devices and talk directly to your Dash Cam.
Emergency SOS will alert the emergency services to your location in the event of an accident. Intelligent Parking Mode records any bump or physical movement on the vehicle while it is left unattended.

£134.17 (excl 20% VAT)

Nextbase 522GW

The award-winning Nextbase 522GW redefines the possibilities of a Dash Cam at this price.
With ground-breaking new features, including Emergency SOS Response and Alexa Voice Control, as well as 1440p HD recording and a built-in polarising lens, the 522GW is a must-have for those looking to protect themselves on the road.

£153.83 (excl 20% VAT)

Please note all dashboard cameras come as a standard kit, prices shown are supplied only.  An SD card is not supplied in the kit.  Hardwire kits and rear facing cameras and fitting are available at an extra cost.